The first thing to note is that you are required to have completed at least a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) in order to attend the School of the Bible program.*

*Post-DTS applicants coming from our sister campus YWAM Twin Oaks are required to have completed a School of Evangelism (SOE) as well.

School of the Bible is comprised of many parts and sections, and each day and week has a topic and direction for discussion and teaching. There's lots to take in! We want to see our students grasp the Biblical principles we believe are so ridiculously valuable as they move forward in their lives and callings!

We are passionate about equipping our students for a lifetime of study and application of the Word of God to their lives and others. We want to see multiplication of God's Kingdom! It is these central ideas that define your day-to-day life as a student. Keep reading below for more information!



Classes operate Monday-Friday every week from 7:45am to 12:30pm. This entire block of time is not only class and study. Depending on the day of the week we'll also have a time devoted to some of the following:

Greek Lessons: Since the Bible definitely wasn't written in any of our modern languages, it's important to know what its author's intents were when they wrote what they wrote! By the end of the school year, you'll be able to translate the Bible for yourself from its original Greek in order to have a fuller understanding of what it's saying. The intended meaning and reason for writing is a key thing to understand as you read the Bible and process it with God.

Worship: Study of the Scriptures for the sake of knowledge alone is worthless. If you're studying the Bible and it causes you to move further from God, then you are doing it wrong. We think it's critical students have their own personal times of worship, yes, but it's also vital to come together as a school body and have a time of fellowship and worship together throughout each week. 

Intercession: Often, we have guest speakers come in to share about their ministries, lives, and needs. We've have people and ministries both local and international come and share about the work they're doing and the ways in which we can partner with them in prayer. There's something really great about intentional intercessory prayer, and we look forward each week to the things we hear and pray about as a student body!

Meals: Meals are provided for lunch and dinner Monday-Friday. There may be a few instances throughout the year where this is not the case, but you will always be notified ahead of time. Lunch is served at 12:30 and dinner at 5:30 on Monday-Friday. On Saturday we only serve brunch at 10:30am. However, students will be provided with food ingredients so they can prepare their own meals when necessary. *A side note regarding our daily provided meals: We are not always able to accommodate specific dietary restrictions such as a gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan diet.

Work Duties: Work duties are an integral aspect of discipleship for School of the Bible and all of YWAM International. During the first week of School you will be assigned a work responsibility.


School of the Bible has 1 to 2 outreaches throughout the course of the school. Keep in mind the school runs from January 5th until September. So then, this eight-month span of time will include an outreach every few months.

Spring Outreach: You will choose your outreach location from the available options and head out for 9-10 days with your team with the goal of teaching and preaching as often as you can what you've been learning in School of the Bible thus far. This is a student-organized and led outreach, but school staff members will be right there alongside you for support and guidance!

Summer Outreach: This is the final month-long outreach where your team will travel to one of the available locations to be the hands and feet of Jesus as you diligently look for and make as many opportunities to preach, teach, and connect with people wherever possible! It's exciting to take the powerful Biblical material you've been learning and share it with those who may need a mighty word from God!

Student Presentations

Students have several presentations to look forward to throughout the school! A large focus of School of the Bible is understanding how to effectively teach what you've been learning in class. As School of the Bible staff, we equip you with tools for Biblical study and tools for effectively teaching what you've been studying. We have the desire to see Biblical principles multiplied through people as they move forward into the rest of their lives. Learning to teach well is a great way to do that, and that's the purpose behind our student teaching times.

There are 3 in-class student teachings during the school, as well as requirements for several hours worth of teaching time while away on outreaches. This is to encourage students to not be afraid to communicate Biblical truth; don't worry, though! It's not about being a perfect teacher—it's about going forward with the life-giving Word of God and teaching others about it, because it changes hearts and lives; that's something worth sharing and teaching about!

Free Time

It's true! School of the Bible can involve a lot of work and study! But don't worry, there's also plenty of time to have to yourself. Weekends are entirely your time, so please relax and catch up on the things you want to do! Dallas is only a couple hours away, and there's plenty to do in Tyler if you want to stick around and go out someplace local. Often, we'll also arrange community events, game nights, movie nights, etc, so that we can all enjoy each other's company together.


On Sunday evenings at 6pm we all travel to YWAM Twin Oaks just down the road for what's called "Family Night." Family Night is a time for all YWAM Tyler staff and students to get together, visit, worship, and hear a message; it's a great time to connect with our other YWAM friends just down the road! YWAM Twin Oaks is located here.

We also encourage you to find a local church you can attend and plug into during your time as a student! Get involved and find somewhere to serve.

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