School of the Bible is an training program where you come to know God more through the incredible principles in His word. Let's peel back the layers to see and know God for who He really is!

School of the Bible is not just a Bible school. The school is focused on the Bible, but not simply for the sake of study itself. Instead, the focus is on the message of the Bible. A focus on the character of God, on what God wants to do in the nations of the earth, and how He wants to do it! We focus on seeing the ways of God and the truth of God, on learning how to work for revival and for the development of the Christian life, and on working to see the truth of God applied to every sphere of life.

What To


School of the Bible is constantly focused on the practical - all of the study of God's truths and principles is brought back again and again to the transformation of our lives and hearts that we would come to know Him more.

In School of the Bible, you can expect intense teaching, study, and discussion designed to bring a fuller understanding of God's character and desires, the unity between the Old and New Testament, the way God works and deals with individuals and nations, the very heart and purpose of the Gospel and Christianity, and much, much more.

You can also expect:

  • Practical preparation for sharing the truth with others

  • Instruction and training in how to preach and teach

  • Equipping for discipling others and leadership in ministry

  • Passionate times of worship

  • Outreaches designed to bring the good news we study in the school into the world

  • Intercession groups focused on hearing God's heart for the nations

  • Daily priority on pursuing God and growing in our walks with Him

Let's get specific

Click here if you're curious to know more specific information about our daily schedule, outreaches, day-to-day life as a student, and more.

Dates and


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Our Staff


Carl Michalsen

Larry and Jolene Allen

School Leaders

Nate and Savana Evans

Jenna Dorey

John Martindale

Max Moore

Eduardo and Lorena Martins

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