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Happiness Isn't Found

This is Paul, one of our staff with School of the Bible.

"What is success?

Success is something that I do not claim to have especially by the standards of the world. However I think success is rooted in identity. Who you are defines you and you operate out of that which you perceive yourself as. Many people’s identity is wrapped up in their job, degree, sexuality, or bank account. But that isn’t what the Bible says we are.

When God created the heavens and the earth He spoke all those things into existence, however when it came to humans, He did not speak us into existence. First he got his hands dirty, and sculpted us from the dirt, then He breathed into us the breath of life—some translations say He kissed us.

We are children of God. Sons and Daughters of the Creator of the Universe. Do we perceive ourselves as that? If we do, then we are successful because out of this knowledge comes peace, rest, and life. It really doesn’t matter what we do, or how much we have, or who we are with, because knowing we are his children, we are complete. He loves us so much and we, as children of God, must believe this. If we do not, we run into so many problems and hurts. We live life with a sense of lack, filling it with things, status, money, however these things aren't going to fix the problems within.

We are his precious Children and we can’t do anything to make that happen except accept it and allow God to be our Father. This is the moment we succeed; this is success.


From the editor:

Expectations are a weighty thing. They can speed us forward with a hopeful vigor, yet if we're not careful they can also throw us headlong down a path of self-criticism and grief as we wonder if what we're doing in life is right.

Jeremiah 9 says not to boast in what you are capable of; rather, you should boast most of all that you know and love God. I'm going to add to this and say that if you are going to have expectations of yourself, make sure those expectations are based on the reality of how God sees you. Let your expectations be founded on what He says.

Lay aside whether or not you are being successful; set aside comparison and what you are supposed to be doing with your life. Give God an opportunity to speak gently to you—and then do what He says. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."

Happiness and success aren't found—they are created with you and God.